April 27th: A Day to Focus on Drug Endangered Children

scared alone child sitting outside

When you think of our epidemic of drug abuse and overdoses, drug endangered children might not be foremost in your mind. But while we are helping addicted people survive from their addictions, help must also be provided to the country’s millions of children placed at risk. Sadly, too many of these children will not survive their time in a drug-using household. Many others will survive but be forever scarred by their experiences. What exactly is a drug endangered child? According to the National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children: “Children who are at risk of suffering physical or emotional harm as…

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One New Jersey Drug Seizure Illustrates How Deadly Fentanyl is

vials showing deadly doses of heroin and fentanyl

In March 2017, a drug operation by the New Jersey State Police and U.S. Homeland Security resulted in a seizure of fourteen kilograms of fentanyl. After a one-month investigation, these two agencies coordinated their efforts to take down a drug dealer and seize his incredibly powerful fentanyl supply – a move that could save a huge number of lives. At one time, fentanyl was just a powerful prescription drug distributed by legitimate health services companies. But then drug traffickers saw an opportunity for huge profits if they began trafficking in this drug that has similar effects to heroin. After all,…

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Legislators Take Action to Reduce Numbers Lost to Addiction

group using drugs

As recently announced by Rep. Hal Rogers of Kentucky, the House of Representatives is taking action to reduce the number of Americans we lose to addiction or overdose. The list of 18 bills recently introduced in the House to address this problem includes: Two laws designed to improve the ability of law enforcement to deal with drug traffickers. Two bills addressing the problems of infants in households with an addicted or drug-using parent. The John Thomas Decker Act of 2016 to provide improved education and drug prevention for teens and adolescents involved in team sports who may receive painkillers for…

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The 2016 World Drug Report – Now Available from the U.N.

UN world drug report 2016

Each year, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime issues the World Drug Report in late June. With the release of this year’s report, we have new insight into the drug problem as it affects every corner of the world and every segment of the world’s population. Are we gaining on the problem? This year’s report starts with a comment on how many people used an illicit drug last year: One out of every 20 people (15 to 64 years old). That equates to about 250,000,000 people. So drug trafficking is still a huge business with equivalent of hundreds…

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Saving our Artists from Addiction

woman singer

One overdose is one too many Artists and celebrities tend to lead very private personal lives in order to protect themselves from the tabloids and media.   So when one becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol, it may not be evident or widely known for some time.   Even so there are people close to these artists who may see the signs of drug use, or be totally aware of it.  It is up to them to act and not be reasonable with the individual or accept excuses, but insist they get help.  As these are the very people who can and…

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The Dangerous Story of Fentanyl


Fentanyl is an extremely strong, fast-acting painkiller. It’s only used in the most extreme cases of pain, as in cancer cases. Because it takes effect quickly, it can be used for breakthrough pain – that is, pain that is felt despite other opioid painkillers that were taken. This is the fentanyl we’ve known for the last several decades. In just the last decade, a new kind of fentanyl has been found in the U.S. It’s fentanyl that’s never seen the inside of a pharmaceutical company. It comes from illicit labs in Mexico or it may come from Turkey or China.…

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Public Marijuana Use: Is that really a “contact” high your kids are getting?

man smoking marijuana

Let’s say you take your kids to the beach or park in one of the states that has legalized recreational marijuana. The kids are playing happily and everyone’s having a good time until the foursome near you fires up a couple of joints. You and the kids are downwind. Is this an unpleasant inconvenience or are your children being drugged by this exposure? All four states that legalized recreational marijuana also outlawed public consumption of the drugs but everyone knows it still happens. Reports vary, but it seems that enforcement of the public smoking laws is sporadic at best. So…

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Mixing Xanax and Adderall: An Unsafe Combination at Any Age


By now, many people have heard about Adderall abuse, popular with high school and college students. Adderall has gained popularity as a drug to help people cram all night for a test or blast through a paper in record time. Some people use it for scholastic tests like the SATs. The problem with Adderall is that it’s chemically about the same as amphetamine, an addictive drug of abuse. This means that these individuals who abuse the drug risk addiction and damage to their mental and physical health. Now, there’s a new trend showing up: the abuse of Adderall together with…

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How Drug Abuse Affects Relationships

woman arguing with man

If you’re reading this article, it’s possible you are in a relationship with a person who abuses drugs or is addicted. Or maybe you’re the family member of someone in this situation and you’re trying to find them help. It’s one of life’s tougher situations. On one side, there’s love, loyalty and the history the two people have. Maybe there’s children, home and business. But on the other side, there’s the damage that drugs and especially addiction do to a person. His personality changes, there’s secrets, accusations, missing money and unexplained activities. There’s usually mental abuse and sometimes, physical abuse…

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Story of Young Man’s Addiction Reveals Where Teens Get Drugs


Zach Crotty lived in Buffalo, New York with his family. He started using marijuana and pills in middle school and he died of an overdose before he was twenty. His parents documented his years spent addicted and his efforts to recover, using his own words and their observations. There are many such stories but what this particular story provides is insight into where teens may start getting their drugs. Zach doesn’t mention where he got the marijuana he started with at age 14, just that he asked a friend to share it with him. But he does reveal where he…

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