How a Special Sauna Detoxification Improves One’s Chances of Lasting Sobriety

When a person comes to a Narconon rehab center to recover from addiction, the first action after withdrawal is a sauna-based detoxification. The name of this step is the New Life Detoxification Program There’s a very good reason this is the first thing each person does in this program. This deep detoxification step enables each person to think more clearly.

There are other benefits mentioned by many people who complete this step but clearer thinking is the most consistent benefit associated with the New Life Detoxification Program.

thinking-clearlyWhy does this detox provide this benefit? It’s because drug or alcohol use leaves toxic residues buried deep in the body. They tend to store in fatty tissues where the body has a hard time clearing them out. So even years after drug or alcohol use stops, a person can still be walking around with drug residues tucked away in his tissues where they can have an effect on his moods, his cravings and his thinking.
So what happens when these toxins leave the body? Here’s how a young woman who just graduated from the Narconon program in Louisiana said: “During the sauna, I completely transformed into an entirely different person. I actually had a good complexion and the marks on my skin went away. I gained so much confidence and I could finally think clearly enough to be able to think before I spoke and that was so unlike me before.”

How Does the Sauna Program Work?

This is a strictly controlled, precisely administered activity. First, each person must have the approval of a medical doctor before starting. Then, a video explains everything a person needs to know to participate correctly in this detox. Then, under careful supervision, each person begins the precisely scheduled exercise, followed by sweating in a sauna and consumption of nutritional supplements.

The nutrition provided includes electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and oils. Careful and constant supervision ensures no one gets overheated and that everyone spends an optimum period of time sweating. The exact combination of exercise, supplements and sweating activates the body’s ability to dislodge these toxins and wash them away in the sweat.

Little by little, a person brightens up as he flushes out old drug toxins. If a person has been exposed to chemicals like paint or gasoline, for example, residues of these toxins can be washed away as well.

The end result is as our young graduate described – “I could finally think clearly enough.”

So a Person Can Think More Clearly – Then What?

First of all, the ability to think more clearly means that a person is now more able to engage in his own recovery. In the later steps of the Narconon rehab program, each person will study and apply the materials in the Narconon program manuals to help him gain more control over his (or her) thoughts and actions. He’ll also participate in a series of practical steps to enable him to recover the bright perceptions that disappeared during addiction. He will then need to build new abilities to deal with life’s problems and challenges. Without these new strengthening abilities, an upset or setback could trigger substance abuse again.

Additional benefits from this detox that are often mentioned include an end to physical cravings for drugs or alcohol and an end to drug dreams. If a person can’t think clearly, if he is plagued by never-ending cravings, it’s very hard to focus on the future and on overcoming obstacles to sobriety.

The New Life Detoxification Program is an essential and integral part of recovery at any Narconon rehab center. You can learn more about this step at:

Call today to learn more about this detoxification or to find out how to help someone you care about who is struggling with addiction.

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Sue Birkenshaw has worked in the addiction field with the Narconon network for three decades. She has developed and administered drug prevention programs worldwide and worked with numerous drug rehabilitation centers during this time. Sue is currently the Deputy Executive Director for Narconon Ojai.

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