What Can we Learn from the World Drug Report 2017?

World Drug Report 2017 on cannabis

Every June, the United Nations issues its World Drug Report on all the substance abuse trends around the world. This year’s report has just been issued and expresses serious concerns about opioids, illnesses associated with injecting drug use, growth in the abuse of stimulants, and crime related to drug trafficking. In short, drug abuse is a serious social and health problem that will not stop wreaking havoc on human beings any time soon. How Many Drug Users are There in the World? Cannabis: 183 million Stimulants like methamphetamine and prescription stimulants (Adderall, Ritalin, Desoxyn): 37 million Opioids (partly or fully…

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April 27th: A Day to Focus on Drug Endangered Children

scared alone child sitting outside

When you think of our epidemic of drug abuse and overdoses, drug endangered children might not be foremost in your mind. But while we are helping addicted people survive from their addictions, help must also be provided to the country’s millions of children placed at risk. Sadly, too many of these children will not survive their time in a drug-using household. Many others will survive but be forever scarred by their experiences. What exactly is a drug endangered child? According to the National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children: “Children who are at risk of suffering physical or emotional harm as…

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Drug and Alcohol Problems Cost Each American $2166 per Year

large crowd of people on busy street

This may be a hard figure to swallow but it’s true. In direct costs like taxes or indirect costs like businesses converting their losses into higher prices, each American forfeits about $2166 each year due to drug and alcohol problems. Breaking this down one step, you can figure that $780 of this cost comes from excessive alcohol use. The remaining $1386 comes from the use of all illicit drugs or misused prescription drugs. A Closer Look at the Numbers Where do these figures come from? The Surgeon General estimates that the total national cost of drug abuse is $442 billion.…

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What Drug Threats Will Your Loved Ones Face this Year?

different drugs on a table

Do you have a loved one struggling with drug abuse or now walking a sober line in life? Are you engaged in guiding a teen or young adult through all the threats on the marketplace? Every year, the threats to sobriety and even to life itself shift and move as traffickers and manufacturers seek to increase their profits at the expense of our families and communities. Here’s the way current threats from the illicit drug industry shape up. Prescription drugs: Despite all the media coverage of this threat, the misuse of prescription drugs is still taking more lives than any…

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Heroin Epidemic Devastates Children’s Lives Across the Country

It’s easy to understand how heroin addiction devastates the addicted person’s life. But if you take a look at recent news stories, you’ll see that it is just a devastating for an addicted person’s children – perhaps even more. Here’s some hard facts. New York, October 2016: A woman was arrested for shooting up in her car as her five-year-old daughter sat in the back seat. She said she had been in rehab and had just relapsed. Pennsylvania, October 2016: At 3 a.m., a mother was found passed out in the front seat of a car, with a one-year-old baby…

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The Orange County Real Estate Salesman Who Wanted to be a Drug Lord

On November 8, 2016, the Drug Enforcement Administration announced that Sean Libbert of Newport Beach pled guilty to charges that he imported and distributed hundreds of pounds of synthetic drugs into the United States. Libbert’s story reveals the way that greed and lack of compassion for others can lead a person into international drug trafficking. On the outside, it looked like Libbert was a successful real estate agent selling posh homes in affluent Southern California zip codes. Because he has not deactivated his LinkedIn profile, one can see that he includes “contract negotiation and entrepreneurship” in his skill set –…

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The Nightmare of Parental Addiction

In the history of the world, it’s never been easy to have addicted parents. And as long as there has been opium or alcohol, there have been addicted parents. However, recent news reports reveal that now is a particularly terrible time for children whose parents have become addicted, especially if they are addicted to opioids. As of the most recent National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 6.4 million Americans misuse prescription drugs – the majority of them misusing pain relievers. The biggest age group is 18 to 25-year-olds – people very likely to have small children. The same people…

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More Americans Now Use Painkillers than Tobacco

graph tobacco use vs painkiller use

A new study from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) tells us that more Americans are taking painkillers than are using any kind of tobacco product. SAMHSA’s study reveals that in 2015, 36.4% of Americans used painkillers according to their doctors’ instructions. Another 4.7% of Americans misused or abused these painkillers. But in comparison, only 31% of Americans used any tobacco product that year. Is it possible that more than a third of Americans experienced pain severe enough to be given a potentially addictive drug? Certainly some people have chronic or post-surgery pain that warrants painkillers. But…

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Another Music Festival, Another Huge Batch of Drug and Alcohol Arrests

young people at rave music festival

In San Bernadino, the Nocturnal Wonderland electronic music festival attracted tens of thousands of attendees in early September 2016. Despite identification checks and drug-sniffing dogs at the gates, more than 400 people ended up being arrested – the vast majority of them for drug or alcohol offenses. No drugs were permitted in this venue and attendees and their possessions were searched at the entrance. That wasn’t enough to keep drugs out. Fortunately, no one died from a drug overdose as has happened at so many other music festival venues. The Los Angeles Times compiled a list of 25 people who…

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When Parents Use Drugs, Children Have their Own Struggles

It seems like there’s always another news item describing the struggles that children must go through when a parent or caretaker is using or addicted to drugs. A news item recently released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) described the astronomical increase in the number of children suffering withdrawal symptoms due to their mothers’ opioid use. When a mother uses opioids like painkillers or heroin, her baby gets the same dose she does and usually becomes addicted right along with her. When the baby is born, the drug supply stops and the baby goes into withdrawal,…

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